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Invest SA Conference 2016

Thursday, 2 June 2016 to Friday, 3 June 2016 from 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Where will Invest SA be held?, Australia


Program Outline

Thursday 2nd June

0900 - 1600 Mainstreets Masterclass
1610 Networking drinks
1800  Official Invest SA Welcome Reception

Friday 3rd June

0900 - 1700 Invest SA Conference Sessions
1900 - 2300 Invest SA Gala Dinner (offsite)


Jobs of the Future

Program Themes

Renewable Energy

As our nation – and importantly South Australia – aspires to grow its population base, energy sources will become more critical and competitive. Given the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission will have just delivered its report to the State Government, Invest SA is the perfect platform to discuss the future of South Australia’s energy needs and the impact it will have on the property sector.

Invited speakers include Royal Commissioner Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, Richard Turner (ZEN Energy) and Professor Corey Bradshaw (University of Adelaide).


Innovation is the long-term solution for developed economies seeking sustained economic prosperity and improved quality of life. Innovation is how we implement new ideas to create new value and new economic opportunities.

South Australia boasts all the ingredients for innovation success: a strong research community, entrepreneurial businesses, significant creative communities, high levels of education and an ability to collaborate – all supported by dependable infrastructure and existing links to national and global markets.

Invited speakers include Marianella Watman (Popup Brands), David Rohrsheim (Uber) and Megan Antcliff (Industry Attraction Agency).

The Economy

There’s no sugar coating the economic challenges that lie ahead for South Australia – but that doesn’t mean opportunity isn’t knocking on our door. Learn more about some of the ‘sleeper’ opportunities to turn our state’s fortunes around, including how the property sector can play its part in this economic transformation.

Invited speakers include Ian Smith (Bespoke Approach) and Jim Kouts (Beston Pacific).

Local Success Stories

The Barossa is famous for strong family businesses that have achieved success for many generations. To finish the day’s sessions, hear from three diverse local businesses that have achieved success and even sample a glass of the Barossa’s finest at the same time.